Electronics trade looks at Gitex to lift sales

Anticipates better sales after lean summer

Sales may be low for electronic retailers now but the big names in business anticipate good revenue as we approach Gitex. Tagging the event and after that Dubai Shopping Festival, as the busiest months in the year, retailers expect their slow sales will be pushed up as customers look for bargains and deals during this season.

“Since the end of Ramadan, we've seen a slight improvement in sales, however, in anticipation of Gitex Shoppers later this month, it's not uncommon to see sales slowdown again,” Ashish Panjabi, COO of Jacky’s Electronics told 'Emirates24|7'.

Agrees Nadeem Khanzadah, Head of Retail, Jumbo Electronics. He believes that post Eid and the period before Gitex season is not a happening one for the electronic industry.

“Seasonal trends drive sales in the UAE. During the Eid week, we witness a good spike up as consumers buy goods for themselves and their loved ones. Sales normalise post-Eid until Gitex Shopper, which is our biggest annual platform to connect directly with our customers, offer them the latest products and most exciting deals and reach out to customers beyond our store network,” he told this website.

However, the lean months do not better deals for customers as there is not much scope to cut prices. “We work on slender margins so there is no room to drop prices.  We anticipate the next few months to be some of the busiest months of the year for us,” said Panjabi.

As Gitex approaches customers can expect a plethora of deals. “Under the platform of ‘Jumbo is Gitex’ we are planning to offer a superb array of offers and innovative interactive platforms to delight our customers during Gitex Shopper. We will shortly be revealing more details of the offers we have, and the ways that our customers can interact with us using social media and other technology platforms before and during the event itself,” said Khanzadah.

“The back to school period has helped sales slightly but our main season for sales is normally during the Gitex Shoppers period and running through till the end of the of the Dubai Shopping Festival.
In between, we tend to various festivals, extended holidays and gifting periods which spurs demand from both tourists and residents alike,” added the Jacky’s expert.

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