Saudi bans Apple game for sexy screams

Sexy screams of jumping girls has driven Saudi Arabia to ban yet another game from its Apple app store.

The kingdom has banned the game Shoe Wars and according to the developers, a modified version of the app will be made available for Saudi Arabia.

A statement posted on the developer’s website said, “We can confirm that the game has been withdrawn from sale in Saudi Arabia. This decision was made following feedback that the female character’s jumping sound effect was considered “too sexual” and may cause cultural offence. A modified version of the app will be available in S.A., in April without this objectionable content.”

The objective of the game is to navigate through the SW Department store at SALE time and spend as much on your credit card as possible.

The player has to get as high as he or she can and collect every shoe on sale and spend as much as they can. The credit card limit increase to be propelled up through the game.

Among the other games that were banned in Saudi Arabia were God of War (series) due to interactive sex scenes and the use of the word "God", Grand Theft Auto (series) due to presence of prostitutes and heavy sexual themes, Heavy Rain because of nudity and a sex scene and Red Dead Redemption again due to nudity, prostitution, violence and cruelty.

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