6 months jail for robbing man on street

A 23-year-old Sudanese student, AHA, was sentenced to six months in jail after the court found him guilty of attacking a Saudi man in the street along with an illegal resident and stealing Dh2,000 from him.

The victim, AHA, 52, visitor, testified that at around 10pm on May 29, he was walking in the narrow lanes in Murshid Bazaar heading towards the hotel where he stayed.

“While I was walking, a person held me from my back and another person snatched money from the upper pocket of my kandoora. The one holding me from my back pushed me forward and I fell on the ground.

“The two fled into opposite directions. Although I sustained wounds in my knees, I ran after the one who had turned towards the rights, calling for help. Some pedestrians  caught and held one of the attackers until police arrived,” he testified. 


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