Abu Dhabi cops arrest ‘Dr Love’ for witchcraft

Claimed magical powers to solve love problems

An Arab national claiming to be a ‘Dr Love’ with special powers to heal broken husband-wife relationships or reunite lovers has been arrested by the Abu Dhabi Police.

The man, identified as AFA, 56,  faces charges of practicing witchcraft and sorcery.

Gulf Today, quoting Director of the CID, Colonel Dr Rashid Mohamed Bursheed, reported that the man is a government employee, working for a public service institution in Abu Dhabi.

The CID responded to complaints from victims about being cheated out of money in the hope of getting their love lives sorted out.

Most of the victims were female.

The suspect was eventually arrested in a sting operation, where a policewoman disguised as a client visited him and was charged Dh75,000 for a certain magical solution.

Son decides mum's life is worth just 100 pounds

A 65-year-old Egyptian woman was strangled to death by her 35-year-old son after she refused to give him 100 Egyptian pounds ($15), the ‘Al Youm Al Sabea'a’ Arabic newspaper reported.

Residents of Al Hawamdeya village in Giza governorate informed the police about the killing of the woman by her son.

Police said there were heated arguments between Zainab M.A, mother, and her unemployed son Abdel Nasser M.

Police said the son hit the mother on the head after she  refused to give him money, hanged her with the scarf on her shoulder and fled.

Neighbours said the jobless man used to borrow money from his mother.

Police has arrested the accused who has been remanded to four days in custody by the prosecutor to help the police complete the investigation. 

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