Bizarre: Man cuts unborn baby out of wife

Woman was 7 ½ months pregnant; Baby died in attack

A man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly stabbed his 28-year-old pregnant wife in the abdomen and cut the unborn baby out of her, the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office said.

Sheriff Jason Ard said the woman survived the attack, but the baby died despite efforts by emergency medical technicians to revive it. The woman, whose name has not been released, was about 7 ½ months pregnant. She was listed in stable condition at an area hospital, Ard said.

“It was a very gruesome scene that our deputies are dealing with,” Ard said.

Ard said deputies responded to an emergency call at the couple’s home at about 11:15 a.m. When they arrived, they found Jeffrey Reynolds, 31, still on the scene.

“He had cut his wife’s stomach open and pulled the unborn baby out,” the sheriff said. “He was very combative and it was a struggle for deputies to get him into custody.”

Once in custody, Reynolds was taken to an area hospital for blood tests and other routine testing, Ard said. Investigators were still processing the scene and had not yet discovered the device used in the attack, he said.

“We know it was some kind of sharp instrument,” he added.

The couple has at least one other child, who was in school at the time of the attack, the sheriff said. (AP)


Boy, 20, cries rape on deathbed

UK: A cruel sodomy case that lapsed several years climaxed on the victim’s deathbed.

According to a report in New York Post, Robbie Middleton was allegedly tied to a tree and raped before being set on fire by his neighbour in Texas.
Middleton was just 8 years old in 1998 when he was allegedly attacked by Don Collins who was 13 years old then.
The accused walked around with impunity all these years until Middleton succumbed to injuries last year. But, interestingly, in a 20-minute video confession from his death bed, he described the gory details of the incident. He was allegedly raped two weeks before he was put on fire, according to Montgomery County Attorney David Walker, who added “it was done to stop him from talking”.
Officials now plan to use Middleton’s words to prosecute the accused who had molested another child, meanwhile.

Nurse force-feeds her own baby to death

UK: A woman who is a nurse by profession poured liquefied meals down the throat of 10-month-old despite being told that it could fatally harm her baby.

The baby caught pneumonia caused due to repeatedly being fed and food being forced into her lungs, reports Daily Mail
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The mother has been jailed for three years for causing her child's death and ignoring advice from professionals.

She could also be facing a lifetime ban from her nursing profession.

The 32-year-old mother was a working professional at the time of her toddler's death. However, she was sacked from her job after being convicted last November.

Her professional fate will be sealed in a matter of days.


Tailor accused of molesting female client, acquitted 

A tailor who was accused by a Filipina of molesting her, while she tried out a new skirt at his shop, has been acquitted by the Dubai Court of First Instance.
The 25-year-old victim, SRO, testified in court that the tailor handed over her work uniform skirt and asked her to try it out. While she was in the fitting room, he called out to her asking her to make it quick. However, as she was not satisfied with the skirt, he gave her another piece to try. She removed her trousers and tried the second skirt on when he walked in to take her measurements. She alleged that in the process he pulled her skirt apart and groped her. She shouted at him, threw the piece at him and walked out. The following day she reported the case to police.
However, a woman tailor at the shop testified that the victim had visited the shop on the said day to alter her skirt. She tried the skirt in the fitting room. After a few minutes, she saw her walk out of the shop. Apparently a few days later, the woman met her in a restaurant and the victim briefed her about the incident. And when she asked her to report the matter to police, the victim allegedly told her that she would alert the human resources department, instead.


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