Chicken prepared in the toilet at Saudi restaurant

Many people who go for a meal at a restaurant would think how bad or good the food and service after they finish eating. But even if they liked the food, none of them would know how it was prepared inside.

During a surprise visit, Saudi health inspectors caught a worker cleaning the chicken inside the toilet at a popular restaurant in the southern province of Jazan.

Pictures published in the Arabic language daily Ajel showed the worker, who looks Asian, had already cleaned the chicken and prepared them for the grill.

The chickens were placed on a skewer which was leaned against the toilet wall while a large red bucket was placed besides him.

“The worker was arrested and would be presented to the competent authorities,” the paper said without making clear if the restaurant would be punished.

Woman’s dress in laundry nearly caused divorce

A Saudi man who returned home from work was surprised to find that his wife is out and would not answer his repeated phone calls.

When she finally picked the call, she angrily told him to look for another wife after she found a woman’s dress in his clean clothes she received from the laundry.

Abu Bandar started to swear to his wife that the dress was not his and could be sent to him my mistake but she would not believe him.

After mediation from relatives, she agreed to go with him to the laundry and enquire about that dress.

“At the laundry, she asked the worker about the dress and he said it was put by mistake in Abu Bandar’s clothes,” Kabar daily said in a report from Riyadh.

“The problem was nearly over and could have ended in divorce hadn’t relatives intervened….on their way back home, the wife looked suspiciously at her husband and said ‘are you sure you have not bribed the laundry worker.”

Woman fakes rape charge to get back at husband

A jealous Indian woman taken as a second wife by a businessman resorted to trick to “hit two birds with one stone” when she told Dubai’s police two men raped her and indicated the first wife was behind the operation.

Police quickly suspected the woman when she told them that her 50-year-old husband had stopped coming to her apartment for many months and that she could be faking a rape story to get rid of the first wife and bring him back to her.

The 29-year-old woman called police on December 29 and told them that two big men stormed her apartment in Qusais and raped her.When she was asked to describe them, she said she could only hardly see the face of one of the rapist, who was tall, strongly built, had brown hair and was in his 30s. She said both tried to hide their faces and that she was in a static of panic that she could not scrutinize their features.

“When the police asked if they spoke to her, she replied that one of them shouted at her and said she wanted to ruin the life of his sister…police thought she made up that story to give the impression that her husband’s first wife has sent the two men to her flat,” 'Emarat Al Youm' Arabic language daily said.

It said police summoned this woman after a few days after suspecting her statements. Under interrogation, she finally confessed that she made up the rape story to set the first wife up so her husband divorces her and returns to her.“A police source said that the woman wanted to hit two birds with one stone by pushing her husband to divorce his first wife and bring him back to her…but the case turned against her as she was arrested for disturbing authorities and providing a false report…her husband could also divorce her.”

Husband forces wife into prositution

A Syrian couple involved in prostitution have been held. The husband allegedly solicited men for his wife and forced her into the trade.

He later reported her missing to police.

MMS, 22, is accused of practising prostitution, while her husband - AHH, 48 - faces criminal charges. He is also accused of filing a false report.

The woman confessed that she had been working as a prostitute for last five months with the complete knowledge of her husband, who forced her to please men.

The court adjourned the case for verdict until February 26.

Man loses teeth, part of tongue due to cigarette explosion

A Florida Panhandle man lost some of his front teeth and a chunk of his tongue when the electronic cigarette he was smoking exploded.
The fire chief for the North Bay Fire Department near Niceville said it appears the cigarette's battery exploded while the man was smoking Monday night. Butch Parker likened it to a bottle rocket going off in the man's mouth.
Parker says the man had been using electronic cigarettes to help him quit smoking. Authorities don't know what model cigarette the man was smoking.
The victim is being treated for his injuries at a Mobile, Ala., burn unit, reports AP.

Woman snorted 1,125 pounds of talc

TLC's television series My Strange Addiction continues to shock and amaze viewers.

28-year-old Jaye from Houston, Texas who can't get enough baby powder.

She describes that friends were convinced that she had a secret drug habit when they visited her house and saw every surface coated with a thin layer of white dust.

Without her daily fix she states, 'I wouldn't be able to function.'

According to Jaye her addiction started when she accidentally spilled powder as a youngster and inhaled it by mistake.

And over the past sixteen years her addiction has spiralled out of control.

Now, not content with merely sniffing the powder, Jaye actually places the substance in her nostrils up to ten times a day using a tablespoon.

She estimates that she has snorted 1,125 pounds - around half a ton - of powder since her obsession began reports .asiantown.

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