'Chocolate gang' targets visiting Saudis

A Saudi visitor to Dubai was walking in a busy street in the city when hot chocolate was spilt on his dress from nowhere.

Just before he could trace its source, four men volunteered to clean his dress. When they finished, he thanked them, not realising it was not a free service.

“When they have gone, he realised his purse has gone…it contained money, credit card and other papers,” the Saudi Sabq newspaper said.

“He went straight to the police, who told him that he was not the first Saudi to be a victim of this chocolate operation.”

Saudi jet aborts take-off after technical fault

A Saudi passenger aircraft on a domestic flight aborted take-off in the last minute after developing a technical failure, leaving the passengers stranded on board for more than one hour, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The Saudia Airlines plane was about to take off from Riyadh airport en route to the southern town of Baha when it aborted the operation and stopped just at the end of the runway, the Arabic language daily Sabq said.

“The pilot radioed the airport to report a technical problem…the passengers remained inside the aircraft for at least one hour in a temperature exceeding 40 degrees because of the failure in cooling systems,” it said.

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Saudi jet aborts take-off after technical fault


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