Dinner invitation ended with sodomy

A student allegedly sodomised a 16-year-old student he invited to his house for dinner, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MAN, 19, Emirati, is also accused of consuming a bottle of Vodka.

The victim, MA, German, testified that on March 22 at around 11pm, he left the house of his British friend in Mirdif accompanied by a compatriot.

“I walked with my friend till I reached his house, then I walked towards Mirdif Uptown. On my way, I met MAN and his cousin who was with us in my friend’s house. They stopped their black Suzuki and offered to drop me at the centre. They went with me to the food corner where I was supposed to meet a Kenyan friend. I called my friend to tell him I had arrived but he told me he could not come.

“We all left the area and MAN offered to have dinner with me. I agreed and he stopped at a petrol station and bought a McDonald’s meal and drove to his house in Mirdif. After we arrived, his cousin left in the same car and I entered the living room with MAN where we had dinner and watched a film on TV.

“All of a sudden, he pulled me by my hand to a toilet attached to the hall. There he threatened to beat me if I did not obey him. I got scared, so I opened my trousers and underwear which he pulled  down towards my knee. After he finished sodomising me, I put on my clothes and left for home.

“The next day, he asked my Kenyan friend to guide him to my house. Both came together and he threatened to hurt one of my friends if I did not go with him. I went with him and he drove to Uptown centre. He and his cousin stayed next to their car and were adjusting the lock.

“My friend had warned me not to ride the car with them as they were planning something bad. I got scared and called my mother and told her about the threats. My mother connected me to a person and this person connected me to the police. When the police arrived, they ran away,” MA testified.

The victim did not tell the police about the sodomy because he was scared of the accused who had threatened to kill him if he told anyone about it. However, the victim later told his mother who informed the police.

Police arrested MAN who had a criminal record. He confessed to drinking alcohol and sodomising MA.

The Prosecution asked the court to award the stiffest penalty for MAN who denied the accusation.

The court decided to reconvene on August 27.

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