Guard gets 3 months jail for stealing from shop

A guard who stole 34 different electronic products valued at around Dh42,000 from his employer’s shop, was sentenced to three months in jail followed by deportation by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

AMA, 52, Egyptian, personnel manager at JE Stores, testified that  on May 9, the shop’s staff found out that 34 different products including cameras, mobile phones, head sets were missing.

“Retrieving the CCTV, we found out that AAH, a guard at the store, took advantage of the fact there were no customers or employees in the shop. He went to the camera section and put a jacket on one of them, he then took the jacket. He was seen removing the alarm sticker from the prouduct and left the store. The CCTV captured only this incident,” he testified.

Confronting him with the theft, AAH, 32, Pakistani, admitted to stealing from the store.

Police confiscated a number of different electronic products that belonged to JE Stores in his accommodation.

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