Man jailed for stealing wife's number plate

Obsession over a number plate dragged a couple to court. Dubai court sentenced a lawyer to six months jail term after his wife accused him of stealing her number plate.

According to an Al Khaleej report, the woman learnt of the fraud when she approached RTA to have her car registered with the same number. She was told that her husband had transferred the ownership of that number unto himself.

He allegedly submitted his wife's passport and her signature on the application form and requested the manager to have the number transferred to his vehicle.

An RTA employee, KA, testified that the suspect had requested him to transfer the ownership of his wife's number plate to himself.

When in court, mute your mobile

If are attending a court session in Abu Dhabi, make sure your mobile phone is muted or turned off otherwise you could end up in jail.

During court hearings in the capital on Tuesday, the judge told the audience to ensure their mobile phones are switched off or turned to the silent mode.

“One man appeared to have ignored that warning…when his mobile phone rang during session, the judge ordered his arrest and referred him to the public prosecutor,” the Arabic language daily Alkhaleej said.

“The problem is that the man works at a lawyer’s office…when asked by the judge why he ignored his warning, he replied that he owns two mobile phones and that he forgot to turn off one of them.”


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