Prostitute deal gives Hor Al Anz clerk 8 stab wounds

A 23-year-old Pakistani worker, AHS, allegedly attempted to kill a Bangladeshi by stabbing him eight times in the street, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Monday.

The victim, MDB, 42, clerk, testified that he was in Hor Al Anz collecting rents from tenants of villas owned by his sponsor when the attack happened on May 11 at around 9.30am.

“I had collected Dh6,000 from two villas but when I was counting the money and issuing a receipt I noticed the accused was observing me. As I reached Villa No. 18, the accused walked past me. After taking few steps he turned back and attacked me with a knife eight times.

“He stabbed me thrice to the left side of my body and twice in belly; I got stabbed once in cheeks while defending myself. I was shouting and screaming for help, however, I managed to prevent him from pulling wallet out of my pocket. So he ran away. A police patrol saw me lying in the street and called ambulance. I told the attacker’s description to the police and that his dress had blood stains. Ambulance rushed me to Rashid Hospital for treatment,” he testified.

Sergeant Saleh Ali, 49, testified that he and his colleague were patrolling in Hor Al Anz when an information was given to them from the Operation Room about the attack.

“After taking attacker’s descriptions we looked for him in the area. We saw a man whose dress had blood stains standing on the pavement near a restaurant in the area. We stopped and approached him; he immediately surrendered and handed himself over to us without any resistance. We confiscated from him the knife he used in the attack,” Seargeant Ali said.

The accused told police that he did that because of a dispute over prostitutes.

Forensic report said that the stabs were fatal and timely treatment him victim to survive. Blood stains on the knife and its handle also matched those of the accused. The accused confessed to murder attempt charges. The Court adjourned the case until November 12.



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