UAE husband discovers his wife of many years is married to man abroad

She was sentenced in absentia and arrested on her return from holiday

A man in UAE discovered his wife of several years was allegedly still married to her first husband in a different country.

The woman who was vacationing abroad was arrested upon landing in the UAE, following a verdict issued in absentia.
She is charged with forgery and giving false details.
According to Arabic dailies, the woman was engaged to a man in Europe and had been married to him on paper, when she met her current husband.
She wanted to settle down with him, so she hastily filed for a divorce against the former man and claimed that she did not know his right address to notify him of her decision. The court had had granted her a divorce then and she settled with the 'current' husband in Abu Dhabi.
However, when her 'fiance' came looking for her, he was was upset that she had ditched him and filed a case against her. He proved that the woman knew his address, because she had been contacting him.
The court then reversed its divorce order and asked her to return to her former husband. The prosecution charged her with forgery and she was sentenced to jail in absentia.
The woman was not in the country as she had gone to her home country in order to settle the dispute. She was arrested upon landing in UAE. In the meantime, her second husband also filed a case charging her with polyandry.

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