Worker jailed for entering villa against owner's will

The Dubai Criminal Court acquitted a worker of attempting to rape a maid but accused him guilty of entering the house against the will of the owner. He has been sentenced to one month imprisonment.

According to records, the worker allegedly entered a villa in the morning and attempted to rape the maid who escaped her attacker by biting his arm.

FHA, 30, Indian was accused by the Prosecution of attempting to rape a HSL, 25, Filipina, on March 22, in the villa of her employer.

The victim testified that at around 8am on March 22, while she was in the washing room in the villa of her employer all of a sudden she noticed a man behind her.

“I got scared and rushed to my room which is adjacent to the laundry room. He followed me and entered the room after closing the door. He held me from behind and started to molest me. I tried to call my employer with my mobile which was in my hand. He snatched the mobile from me but I asked him to give it back. He said that he will give it back only after having sex with me. He forcibly undressed my lower part and tried to push me to the ground. I resisted him with all my force and bit him his arm. I escaped his grip and took the key which was on a table next to the door. I ran and locked him inside the room. I rushed to the garage to see if my employer returned after dropping her son to the school. She was not back so I went back to check if he is still in. I found out that he ran away. I put on my clothes and went inside the villa and waited for my employer. When she got back I told her about what happened so she called the police."

The victim testified that the attacker had come to the villa several time to repair some electricity problems. He had attacked her in a similar manner earlier but she prevented him then. She informed her employer about the incident who asked her to ignore him if he came again in the house.

Forensic reported scratches and bruises on the maid’s body. The accused denied before the court the accusation and claimed she allowed him into the villa.

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