Car thieves caught on camera in Saudi

Two thieves who stole a luxury car parked in front of its owner’s house in Saudi Arabia were caught on camera planted by the car owner outside. 

A U-Tube film showed one of the two men, wearing traditional Saudi Arabian dress, tried to start the A8 2012 Audi car while his friend waited in another car just next to their target in the capital Riyadh. 

After he failed to start the vehicle, he called his friend, who got into that car and started it within seconds before they fled with their loot. 

Police said they were still hunting for thieves and the stolen car after receiving the film about Wednesday’s operation from its owner Sabq Arabic language newspaper, which published the 111-second film, said the unnamed owner of the car offered a reward of SR30,000 (Dh29,500) for information that could lead to his vehicle. 



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