Saudi robbery caught on camera

Graphic content warning: Video contains violence

Two unknown thieves were caught on camera when they stormed a shop in Saudi Arabia, smashed a bottle on the head of its Asian owner and beat him up before stealing his money and leaving.

A 140-second film carried by Sabq Arabic language daily showed the shopkeeper was counting his money and placing it in the machine when one thief entered the shop and pretended to be a buyer. Seconds later, his partner followed in, went straight towards the grocer and smashed a bottle on his head.

The Asian appeared to have been caught off guard by the blow before the two assaulted him and forced him out of the shop, apparently unaware of the security cameras. One of them returned to the cash machine and stole the money while the shopkeeper later came back in and checked what is left of his money.

Sabq said the robbery took place at a shop in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah but it did not make clear if the two thieves were arrested.


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