Baby born as mom rolled down the stairs

A pregnant Palestinian woman rushing down to the ground floor at her house in Gaza after she went into labour gave birth to a baby girl, who came out and rolled down the stairs before landing just at the door of her grandmother’s room.

When the shocked grand mom opened the door, she quickly took off her scarf and wrapped it around the baby before picking her up and kissing her.

“The baby was alive and in good health…she was protected by the fetus fluid that came out at birth,” her mother said, quoted by Palestinian newspapers.

It was the second risky delivery by the unnamed mother, who had gone into labour and had her first baby when she was in the bathroom. Newspapers said the woman had delivered herself and cut off the umbilical cord with her teeth.

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Emirati seeks police help to protect grandkids

A 60-year-old Emirati man went to the police and asked for help to protect his three little grand daughters against their father, saying he was suspicious about the behavior of his son in law, a newspaper said on Sunday.

The unnamed man told police he was now much worried about his grand children when they spend their week end at their father’s home following reports about the murder of an eight-year-old Emirati girl, Wadima, by her father in Dubai.

The man said his three grand daughters, aged 6, 8 and 12 years, live with him following the death of his daughter (their mother) but they spend Thursday and Friday at their father’s house according to a court order.

“The man said he was much woried about his grand daughters while they are at their father’s house because he suspects his son-in-law’s behavior,” Albayan newspaper said, quoting Major Isaq Mohammed, director of the child and woman protection section at the Dubai Human Rights Department.

“He told us that he became worried after hearing the news about the death of Wadima who was tortured by her father.”

He said the man asked police to probe the life of his son-in-law, adding that he wants their father to see them at their grand father’s house instead of having them at his home for the week end.

“We are discussing this case…we are also preparing a guide for the police to deal with family violence victims…the plan also includes a hotline for children who might be subject to violence at home.”

Emirati divorces three wives after quarrel

An Emirati man who had four wives at the same time divorced three of them in less than a minute when he returned home and found all of them fighting.

The unnamed man has just come back home when he heard his four wives, who live at the same house, arguing loudly, Alkhaleej newspaper said.

“He went inside and beat up all of them…he then divorced three of them,” the paper said without identifying the lucky wife.

It said an Abu Dhabi court sentenced the man to one month in jail and fined him Dh2,000 for beating his wives.

Under Islam, a man can have four wives at the same time while a woman is permitted to have one husband at a time.

Two Emirati fishermen missing for 18 years

In 1994, two Emirati fishermen parked their car near the coast in Sharjah, boarded their wooden boat and went out on their customary evening fishing trip. Their families have been waiting for their return ever since.

Like in the famous American TV series “without trace”, the two men just vanished and police at the time told their families there was no evidence they drowned. For this reason, relatives are still hopeful the two might turn up some day.

Saleh Al Hammadi and his uncle Ali Al-Ali left their mobile phones and pagers in the car which they parked near Al-Khan bridge on November 16, 1994. By late night, they have not shown up, prompting their families to inform the police.

Sharjah naval units later spotted the boat nearly seven miles off the shore. After boarding it, they found an overturned seat, one shoe, fishing lines and some personal items but the two had just disappeared.At that time, Hammadi had a two-year-old daughter while his wife later gave birth to another girl, who is now around 18 years old and has never seen her dad.“We have informed all competent authorities about the disappearance of my brother and uncle,” Hammadi’s brother, Yousuf, told Emirat Alyoum daily.

“We still have hope they will turn up some day or at least know what happened to them…they just can’t vanish like smoke.”

Three teen brothers down in Qatar 

Three teen age brothers died after drowning in turbulent seas while swimming at a beach in Qatar, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Police divers found two bodies while they were still searching the water for the third boy through the night and this morning, Sharq Arabic language daily said.

The three, aged 11, 13 and 15 years drowned at Wakra resort area just outside the capital Doha on Saturday evening, the paper said without identifying them.

Old woman regains sight after 8-year blindness

An ageing Saudi woman who lost her sight eight years ago woke up this week and told her sons she could see again after having a dream about a light.

The woman, in her 80s, had been taken to hospital in the northern town of Tabarjal after losing her sight but doctors told her sons there was no cure.

“She woke up the other morning and told us she can see again,” her son, Saleh Al Sharari told the Arabic language daily Alriyadh. “She had told us before that she had a dream about seeing a light and that it was a sign she would see again…but we did not give much attention to what she said…God the Almighty has now given her sight back.” 

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