Karama 'Tesco' may change name

Tesco’s UK press office says unaware about Dubai store

A namesake of UK’s successful retailer Tesco has set-up shop in Karama, but this one, our investigations revealed, is not an ‘authentic’ branch.

Barring the similarity in name, the supermarket, which is located diagonally opposite Woodlands restaurant in Karama, has no legitimate link with the UK retailer.

When Emirates 24|7 contacted Tesco’s UK press office they claimed they were unaware of this Dubai store.

“Tesco takes the protection of our world renowned brand and any infringement of our Intellectual Property rights very seriously,” wrote an official, seeking more information about the store.

The store manager of the supermarket claimed ignorance about the existence of the UK store.

“We don’t know about any store in the UK and aren’t linked to it,” he said.

In fact, he admitted that they would change the name of their store if the UK team decided to slam a copyright infringement case on them.

Earlier, a similar case of copyright infringement was reported when a supermarket with the same name, and no link to the original UK store, was spotted.

Soon after, the chain rebranded as Jesco.


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