Sweeper is doc in India hospital

Ward boy administers injections in hospital that employs 23 doctors

INDIA: In a horrifying incident in a hospital in a remote area of India, a television channel showed a a man garbed in hospital 'greens' stitching up a patient who had arrived at the hospital for treatment. His job profile was that of a cleaner, but he 'doubled' up as a doctor.

The video clip on NDTV also showed a man handling tetanus injections. The man was not a nurse but a ward boy, who was unlikely to be trained at handling injections.

The hospital cleaners and ward boys, claimed the channel, were seen doing the jobs of medical professionals even though the Babu Banarsi Das District hospital in Bulandshahr employs 23 doctors. The chief medical officer was nonchalant about the incident and simply brushed it off by saying that they help around with the patients when there is a rush at the hospital.

When the channel approached the state's health minister, he claimed that the attendants were actually Operation Theatre attendants.


Mom poisons 2 kids to get back at cheating hubby

NEW YORK: A mother of two kids who believed that her husband, a cop, had impregnated another woman decided to kill her two children and end her own life as well in order to get back at her cheating husband.

The 29-year-old woman first poisoned her children aged 5 years and a mere 4 months. She then sealed all exit points of the apartment with tape and turned on the gas, reports NY Post.

She also slit her own wrists with a sharp object after penning a suicide note for her husband where she wrote : “You got what you wanted".

The children were 'brought dead' at the hospital while the woman was said to be in a stable condition.
Man holds friend’s wife hostage, rapes her

A man betrayed his friend in the wrost possible way by kidnapping his wife and raping her repeatedly after threatening to make her nude images public.

The accused is a 37-year-old autorickshaw driver, who took advantage of his friend's absence and on the pretext of helping his friend's wife, he lured her to his home after serving her juice mixed with sedatives, reports The Times of India.

Once he got his friend's wife in his clutches, he took nude images of her while she was sedated and started blackmailing her.

He raped the woman repeatedly after forcing her to go to his isolated home. He kept her there for about a week in July. The woman narrated her ordeal to her husband who filed a compaint with the police.

Police charged him with rape and kidnap and arrested him. They have yet to recover the revealing images taken by the driver.

The woman had approached the accused for help when her husband had been arrested earlier this year in an attempt to murder case.

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