Deported woman re-enters with UAE passport

An Egyptian woman, who had been deported from the UAE, re-entered the country using the passport of the niece of her Emirati husband, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

SSM, 25, jobless, flew from Alexandria in Egypt accompanied by SZM, 36, Emirati employee, and another member of the family identified as SSZ.

SZM submitted three passports to the DNRD staff who put the entry stamp in them. SSM revealed how she entered the country to a 32-year-old Emirati housewife, DMS, she met her in a salon in Sharjah.“We exchanged contact numbers and started talking on the phone,” testified DMS.

“She told me that she is having problems with her husband and also how she entered the country wearing the ‘abaya’ and using the passport of her husband’s niece. I told my divorced husband Aqeel who notified the police,” she testified.

SSM was arrested at Al Buhaira in Sharjah. SSM did not tell her real name to the police. She gave her name as in the passport she used to enter the country. SSM told the police that SZM is her uncle and not her husband. Police called SZM and told him that his niece is in trouble, according to the records.

Police confronted SSM with her picture which was retrieved from the system. SSM confessed to impersonating SZM’s niece. SZM’s niece SOZ, 21, testified that her uncle took her passport claiming that he will open an account with the bank in her name.

“The last time I travelled out of the UAE was in June 2010. I did not enter the country on January 5, 2011,” she testified.

Fly Dubai reported that SSM, SZM and a third person booked one-way tickets Alexandria on January 4, 2011 and travelled to Dubai on January 5. SSM has used her passport when she left Egypt and it carried the departure stamp of Alexandria airport.

The court will reconvene on July 4.