Amitabh 'babumoshai' Bachchan reveals Rajesh 'Anand' Khanna's final words

Bollywood's first superstar cremated on Thursday morning

Who else could have revealed Rajesh Khanna's final words to the world but Amitabh Bachchan. The two created history in Bollywood with their film 'Anand'. It is uncanny that Rajesh Khanna died of a form of cancer about 40 years after his onscreen avataar 'Anand' died in the film named after him of the same disease.

At the end of the movie, 'Anand' dies but leaves a poignant message for his doctor friend (played by Amitabh): "Babumoshai, zindagi aur maut upar wale ke haath hain jahapanah, use naa aap badal sakte hain na main" (Life and death are dealt by the Almighty, neither you nor I can change that).

For those who were looking to hear from Big B on his reactions to his colleague and one-time rival's death on the social networking site about the passing away of Bollywood's first superstar, Rajesh Khanna, they were not disappointed.

He was a little late with his tweet considering that he had rushed to pay his final respects to the veteran actor and his family the moment he heard the news of Rajesh Khanna's death.

Amitabh tweeted: "At his home earlier today, someone close came up and told me, his last words were 'time up ho gaya - pack up!!'"

According to Indian news channels, Amitabh was reduced to tears at the sight of his colleague when he reached Aashirwaad on Carter Road in Mumbai's Bandra. He told the family that he too was a Rajesh Khanna fan.

Amitabh also tweeted:

T 809 - What can one say when a colleague, a most important member of the fraternity, younger than you passes away..Rajesh Khanna no more !

T 809 - I stand mute in front of his still body, with nothing crossing my mind ... just disbelief, and a reverence to his departed soul !!

T 809 - The word 'superstar' was invented for him, and for me it shall ever remain his, and no others .. !!

T 809 - His generation and the generations that follow, shall never be able to describe, or understand his phenomena .. !!

T 809 - Just the mere mention of his name 'Rajesh Khanna' sent myriad images of fanfare, awe, and reverential mention !!

Rajesh Khanna will be cremated today in Mumbai at 9:30am UAE time.

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