Aishwarya's Bollywood comeback: Mommy will take on Rani where it matters

Claims she’s back to reading scripts and planning her comeback

It’s not over until, Ash says it so.

A day after we reported on how there could be a new cat fight brewing between ex-besties Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rani Mukherji, the green-eyed beauty stepped into the spotlight to set the record straight.

She isn’t running away for diaper duty, but is slowly gearing up for a spectacular comeback.

Strutting a toned figure and looking effortlessly chic at Monday night’s Longines event, Ash didn’t miss an opportunity to hit back at best-friend-turned-foe Rani.

“I am finally reading scripts. There are several offers but am slowly getting around to reading scripts now,” she told Indian news channel NDTV.

The actress, however, was unwilling to set a date for the comeback. “I guess you will know when it happens. There’s that magic.”

Rani had, during the promotional tour for her movie ‘Aiyyaa’, taken potshots at Ash for her ballooning figure and excessive “mommy” role play, stressing how B-town mommies did not know how to balance babies and movies.

“We, Indian women, get too carried away with our personal lives with rearing our children. We feel that we are the only mothers on the planet,” she said on the StarTV’s ‘Front Row’ telly show.

“And, we believe we have to leave everything to bring up our children.”

That’s not all. “Actresses need to pull up their socks and keep looking great and working out… and keep looking younger than what we are,” she added.

Something that she claimed she would set right when she turned a mommy.  “I would like to be the Meryl Streep of India. I would like to balance work and family.”

Apparently, Rani’s irritation could have stemmed after being cold-shouldered by her ex-lover Abhishek Bachchan at his dad Amitabh’s recent birthday bash.

An Indian news channel captured her chatting with pal Karan Johar, while Abhishek, who was standing close by, ignored her.

It isn’t unknown that one of the main reasons for the fall-out between Ash and Rani was Abhishek, whom one snatched away from the other.

Rani even struck Abhishek off her best buddy list, when quizzed by an entertainment channel.

Evidently, the ex-lovers have been unable to bury the hatchet and move on. And if rumour mills are to believed, Ash has allegedly ordered Abhishek from ever talking to Rani.

Not too long ago, Rani and Ash were inseparable besties until ‘Chalte Chalte’ created a dent in their friendship. It is reported that when Rani took on the project she had not checked with Ash, who was the first-choice.

The scores were settled soon after when Ash snatched Rani’s then-boyfriend Abhishek, and later married him.

Meanwhile, Ash has been targeted for taking time to shed her weight post-pregnancy, and for shielding her daughter Aaradhya from the media glare.

The cover-up, she insisted, was only a natural reaction to protect her little girl from the incessant flashing of the shutterbugs. “With my baby with me, it's instinctive. If I see her getting startled or her eyes opening I protect her,” she told the news channel.



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