Bigg Boss 6 Final Countdown: 26 days to go... police raid, what happens next?

'Police' and housemates have an argument

All have geared up to be ‘chors’ and play their parts to perfection - Sapna, Niketan and Imam planned a strategy. Imam told the two that he had stolen Vishal’s personal things and that they could make money out of it. Imam asked the two to keep alive the spirit of the game and play it well while keeping aside their personal differences.

Imam is locked up in jail as he was caught robbing, soon after which Niketan went to talk to him but was stopped by Rajev.

The police had set up visiting hours for the public to meet those who are in jail.

Sapna also tried to talk, but Rajev stoped her. Sapna offered to pass some breakfast to Imam, which again Rajev declined.

Sapna planed with Niketan to rob in open, so that the police would have no other option but to put her behind the bars and release Imam.

She went out and announced to do the same, and while she was trying to rob Aashka’s bags, Vishal caught her. Sapna was unsuccessful in executing her strategy but she soon went out and passed on half a chapati to Imam who was still inside the jail. 

While the police had a clash with the Aam Adamis, the thieves ensure that they strike a deal with them for food.

In the afternoon, when Urvashi asked the Aam Aadmis for drinking water they replied saying that the police could always come in and fetch it themselves. Urvashi lost her cool as she thought the answer was rude and uncalled for. Aashka tried explaining her stance, but Urvashi refused to listen.

Furthermore, Rajev is seen picking on Karishma as she passed him an apple when he asked for one, but she couldn’t give them water, when they actually needed it.

As the day passed, Imam asked the police to take off his handcuffs and when Urvashi tried to open them, she realised that the keys were missing. Imam again takes it personally thinking it was their secret task to not open his handcuffs.

Bigg Boss soon announceds that the luxury budget task has ended and also said that one of the rooms of the house will be shut forever making all the contestants stay together in one room.

As the day came to an end, Karishma and Imam were uncomfortable of the fact that they might have to share their beds with someone whom their families will not be comfortable with.


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