Bigg Boss 6 Final Countdown: 27 days to go... Imam's havoc, what happens next?

Housemates plot against him

Early in the morning, Imam Siddiqui looked upset with Niketan Madhok and told that he is the rotten apple in the group that spoils the rest.

Niketan, Sapna Bhavnani and Urvsahi Dholakia make facial expressions which made Imam feel that they were bitching about him.

He told Delnaz Paul that he could hear the housemates plotting against him. In sometime, Imam was seen taunting Niketan by passing demeaning comments and asking him to clean the toilet after using it. Niketan ignored him and walked off.

Imam went in and took a long time to come out. Meanwhile, Karishma, Urvashi and a few others wanted to use the washroom urgently. The captain tried to get Imam out but he was taking his own sweet time which further annoyed the housemates.

Bigg Boss announced the weekly budget task – ‘Chor, Police aur Aam aadmi’. Sapna, Niketan and Imam were the thieves, Rajev, Sana and Urvashi were the Police and the rest of the housemates were the ‘aam janta’ (mass). Almost immediately after the announcement was made, the housemates got up, Imam and Sapna stole a bunch of money and ran out to the garden area. The aam janta saw this and thus pressurized the police to arrest her.

Urvashi caught her and locked her up in jail. Meanwhile, Imam hid his money in the washroom where he found the money hidden by Sapna and Niketan as well.

Sapna and Niketan were seen plotting against Imam. Since both of them were in liaison with the ‘aam janta’, they plan a plot to annoy Imam Soon Imam was caught stealing in the kitchen area is then jailed by Rajev.

Urvashi took Sana and enacted the whole washroom incident. She also explained how she bribed Imam to strike a deal with her.

When Sana was alone in the washroom she found all the money Imam had hidden under the sink. While, Sana was busy hiding the notes, Vishal walked in and she asked him to keep shut.

Imam escaped from the jail as the cops were missing from their spot in the garden area. He runs in to the room but not for long as Rajev and Sana captured him and put him back inside.

Towards the end of the night, Karishma went to Imam and offered him some food to eat but Imam stayed adamant on not eating as he was cheated in the afternoon.


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