Bollywood clan celebrates Rishi Kapoor's birthday in Dubai in style

Little birdie tweets niece Kareena didn’t stick around after ‘Heroine’ event

While at one end, the birthday celebrations are on in full force as Rishi Kapoor and his posse of star-studded family members celebrate his 60th birthday in style at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai today, in the same breath, others are whispering about the cracks in the camaraderie within the first family of Bollywood. 

Why else, posed one such insider, would niece Kareena Kapoor, who jetted into Dubai in style yesterday to promote her upcoming drama ‘Heroine’, choose not to stay back a few extra hours to celebrate her uncle’s birthday, even as her dad and grandmother are rumoured to fly in for the big day.

While such dark questions hang overhead, those close to the celebrations are saying the party will continue into the wee hours, despite Rishi Kapoor’s own personal rule of ‘early to bed, early to rise’. 

Fans are already tweeting questions, whether sightings of matriarch Krishna Raj Kapoor, and brothers Randhir (father to Kareena and Karisma), along with Rajiv Kapoor have been made, who were rumoured to fly down to celebrate their brother’s big day. 

Naturally, Rishi’s own nuclear family, comprising wife Neetu and son Ranbir and daughter Riddhima, are also in tow, with son-in-law Bharat.

Ranbir, who has been on an exhausting blitzkrieg to promote his upcoming film ‘Barfi’, chose to fly down once again to Dubai within a few days of jetting in for the UTV Production, to party with his father.

In an interview with the Press Trust of India, the 29-year-old actor

said: “We all, as in full family, will be going to Dubai for his [Rishi’s] birthday. We will be leaving on September 3. It is an important event for us in our lives and for my family. We are very excited. We love celebrating his birthday.” 

Meanwhile, insiders are also saying that a huge celebration is also being planned for Rishi’s good friend and superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who turns 70 years next month. 

While no confirmation has come forth from the Bachchan clan, a source states that 1,000 people affair will certainly take place. 

But its bad news for Dubai-based Bollywood fans, as the Bachchan bash is expected to be hosted in Mumbai itself. 

Oh well, there’s also 71….


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