Bollywood insult? Playboy calls Sherlyn Chopra a legend

10-film old actress on same mantle as Amitabh Bachchan and late Rajesh Khanna

We will understand if some of you slipped into a near faint while reading the headline, but clearly scion Hugh Hefner’s empire thinks otherwise.

So ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Bollywood’s latest ‘legend’: Sherlyn Chopra.

The model and C-grade Indian film actress hit the headlines earlier this month by posing nude for Hefner’s ‘Playboy’ magazine and then proving her mettle by taking to Twitter to post those very images, or at least the behind-the-scenes look of her, err, birthday suit photoshoot.

However, the latest shocker has many in a tizzy with the current designation of ‘Bollywood legend’ having been bestowed upon her by the writers at ‘Playboy’.

Possibly it wasn’t enough for Chopra to receive the rare ‘honour’ of being the only Indian Playmate, so the website went a step further to brief the world on her career topping graph to write: “After surprising the world through her tweets about being the first Indian woman to appear in the pages of Playboy magazine, the name Sherlyn Chopra has been on the lips of millions.

“Born on February 11th, 1984, Sherlyn was raised by her Muslim mother and Christian father, who was a doctor until the age of 55.”

The website further adds, “With a younger sister who is a disc jockey in Hyderabad, India and a brother who lives in Auckland, New Zealand working as a computer software engineer, Sherlyn has craved the spotlight since a young age.

“Since winning a beauty pageant at the age of 17, she’s moved to the city of Bollywood, Mumbai, to appear in numerous Bollywood films.”

While we choose to ignore Bollywood as being referred to a city, many have outright laughed at the description, while others are incensed with the comparison.
“How dare can someone even consider calling her a legend? That’s like comparing her to greats such as Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan or Waheeda Rahman. Those are legends,” said Jasmeet Kaur, adding: “Sherlyn Chopra is nothing but a two-bit drama queen looking to milk her five minutes of infamous fame in the media. It’s just disgusting.”

And then, there are the clueless, who, despite Chopra’s own media shenanigans, are clueless to her notoriety.

Prakash Desai, a Dubai-based accountant, said: “Who is this Sherlyn Chopra? Was she that new girl in ‘Cocktail’?”

Ah, well, we guess the ‘legendary’ Chopra may need to try a tad harder.


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