‘People want Deepika and me back together’

Ranbir Kapoor can’t wait to start shooting with ex-flame

No matter what films Ranbir Kapoor does, his personal and love life will always be more interesting than his work. After all, he is the nation’s upcoming heartthrob and it is only fair he acknowledge the charm he has on women of all ages. Which is why whenever one writes about him, the story will always be primarily about his relationships, with passing details about his work!

On his promotional rounds for his upcoming film Rockstar, Ranbir is bombarded with questions about co-star Nargis Fakhri, whom he is said to be dating. All praises for Nargis, he says, “She will definitely rock this film and Bollywood too. She is a hard working actress and will see herself on top very soon. Her splendid performance will be liked by one and all. Her character is very simple but she has done her best! You guys have always linked me with everyone. It does not matter to me but we are not in any kind of a relationship,” says Ranbir.

The topic moves on to Deepika and about her, he quickly says, “Deepika and I are purely friends now. We are two different individuals and we have learned to move on in life. I know that while doing Ayaan’s film with Deepika everyone would love to see our jodi once again on the silver screen. No one could have refused doing this film. The script is great.”

Talking about his rapport with director Imtiaz Ali, he says, ‘Imtiaz and I are great friend We both crave for good cinema and all we see is cinema, cinema and cinema. Both of us have different opinions and we get into arguments. However I love to follow the captain of the ship. I do not intend to distort the thought process of the director, after all, it is his brain child.”

Ranbir feels Rockstar is a role of a lifetime for him. “Rockstar is by far the most challenging role I have done so far. I feel I have matured a little bit. The character seems to have lingered somewhere in me. I like to do my job to the best of my ability. Working with Imtiaz was a great learning experience. He is an intelligent and painstaking director. I really enjoyed doing this character and wanted the shoot to go on and on… I miss the Rockstar shoot.” We ask him about the films he refused to do – Delhi Belly and My Friend Pinto and he says, “Whatever I am doing I am content about. I do not like to discuss the films I am not a part of.”

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