Rani Mukerji apes Madhuri, Sridevi and Juhi in 'Aiyyaa'

Rani has no intention to direct or produce a film accept acting on it

A year after her gritty performance in ‘No One Killed Jessica,’ Rani Mukerji is back in a completely different avatar. 

Next Friday will see the release of Rani’s film ‘Aiyyaa’ directed by Sachin Kundalkar and produced by Anurag Kashyap. The film also stars Malayalam actor Prithviraj Sukumaran. 

As we getting talking, Rani explains her role, “I play a Maharashtrian girl named Meenakshi in ‘Aiyyaa.’ Meenakshi craves a good married life and a good husband. How Meenakshi falls for Prithvi and what happens thereafter forms the crux of the story. I have to speak Marathi as well as Tamil in the film. Marathi was quite easy as I was born and brought up in Maharashtra. I enjoyed doing this character to the fullest. She is a dreamer and sees lots of dreams. She does South Indian dance, belly dancing, and even lavani in her dreams. She copies everyone from Madhuri to Sridevi and Juhi Chawla. Meenakshi is indeed an item in the film. I am quite a dreamer myself. We don’t always lead a practical life. There is always a dream we are all dreaming and sometimes we fulfill it, sometimes we do not.” 

Rani was all praise for the Southern actor Prithviraj, “He is absolutely a real heartthrob, a fantastic actor. We shared a great chemistry.” 

The last time we saw Rani on big screen was in early 2011 ‘No One Killed Jessica'. 

Rani justifies her decision to take on a limited number of films, “In a year, I can give hundred and fifty days to one film. If I am engrossed doing two films, all my time is consumed completing those two films. Whatever few days I am left with out of a total 365 days I try to refresh and re-energize by relaxing with my friends. I also love to play with my niece during my free days. So, I cannot say yes to all films. Owing to dates and other things in life, for me doing two films in a year is more than enough. ‘Aiyyaa’ and ‘Talaash’ are my two releases this year.” 

So how does she pick which two films those will be? She explains, “Success to us as actors matters a lot. We work hard to make all our films successful at the box office. No one will ever want their films not to do well. While choosing a script, I opt for one that entertains me thoroughly while I am reading it. If I fall asleep while reading the script I don’t ever accept that film. Also, a film with great content will indisputably do well at the box office regardless of whether it is running in single theaters or a multiplex.” 

Having performed so many characters during her 17-year stint in the film industry she says, “I have felt very comfortable having done all the characters I have done. I made my debut in films at the young age of 17. Having been here for a long time, I feel change is the spice of life. The changes in filmmaking coincide with the changes in the outlook of the audience. With every passing year, the film industry has made different genres of films; this constant change keeps cinema going. Change is constant and every human goes through it. I enjoyed the change practically every day. I had an audience who was ten then. As I grew they have moved on too from 15 to 25 and 30 to 45. The generation has changed and the audience has changed and a new generation has been created and with every passing year the youth is growing more tolerant of new changes.” 

Rani claims she has learnt a lot having worked with different actors and directors. She notes, “Aamir, Shah Rukh, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Yashji, Shaad, and now Sachin, it has been a learning experience. As an actor, I am learning every day and the day I stop learning it will be my end.” 

Dressed in a Sabyasachi churidar and net top, Rani claims ethnic wear is her latest style statement. But when it comes to her favorite attire, she discloses, “I love to wear track pants and a loose top. It gives me a cool feel.” 

Last but not the least, when Rani has time she loves to devote it to philanthropic activities. “Whenever I have some time and I am invited to support the girl child’s education I instantly agree to extend my support. Any cause whereby some good is being done, whether it is connected to medical aid, educational, etc., I do not hesitatingly to attend it. But acting is on my priority list and right now I am concentrating on it. I have a plateful of offers. I have no intention of getting into direction or producing films at the moment,” she clarifies.


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