Satyamev Jayate Take II: Aamir Khan tackles child sex abuse

Ropes in Bollywood star Sridevi to back the cause on second episode of TV show

Even as the world celebrates Mother’s Day, crusader Aamir Khan takes “Satyamev Jayate’s” podium to tackle the sensitive issue of child sexual abuse in India, as the second episode of his TV show aired earlier today.

Critics, social media enthusiasts, celebrities and even members of the general public have lauded the perfectionist actor’s latest effort to bring a societal change across India, with Sridevi being the latest famous face to not only appear on the show to laud one such child abuse victim, but to also lend her name to a letter to encourage the Indian parliament to pass a bill on such a heinous crime.

But questions that continue to rise in the show’s aftermath is, can Khan’s one voice be enough to move the public and governments to take action? 

Star powers a cause

Bollywood’s Dia Mirza ‏raises a valid point when she tweeted earlier today: “If a different issue is going to be in focus each week on ‘Satyamev Jayate’, will we just be moved and move on? Let us not let that happen.”

Another Twitter follower of the show, Varun Jain, tweeted: “Is today’s generation born with the patience to take on the emotions ‘Satyamev Jayate’ presents?”

Blogger Karan Thaker tells Emirates 24|7, that the cause may be old, but the fight has been renewed.

“Female foeticide and now child sex abuse are not new concerns plaguing India, however, we have a new champion for the causes and that in itself is the key,” said Thaker.

He added: “Aamir is a well respected actor, who is highly respected as a no nonsense citizen who never shies away from being Indian. He stood up for Anna Hazare when the social activist stood up to corruption in the country, even when its own government refused to address the issue.

“Aamir is also one of the few celebrities who actually declares his income tax in its entirety and pays it without greed fuelling his move. When such a person stands up for a cause, people listen.” 

Social media champions cause

Many critics are also saying that new media channels, largely social media, has immensely helped in targeting a new generation in standing up for society in India.

While Satyamev Jayate trended on Twitter even in the UAE last week at the number one spot, the show’s handle has already garnered over 21,400 followers in seven days.

Supporters for the show are coming out in droves, with many using this word of mouth to encourage people to step up.

Speaking about today’s episode, Subur Khan said: “Another eye opener. Another ignored topic. Tackled very intelligently and impact-fully.”

Follower Niharika Khan also referred to today’s episode stating: “I had no idea that a child abuse helpline even existed in India. Childline 1098 is there for a cause. Please follow and fight back.”

While Roohi Khatri added her two-bit, tweeting: “There must be people who watched ‘Satyamev Jayate’ for 15 minutes and moved channels. To you guys: 53 per cent [of child abuse victims] can be any of the 10 children you see today.”

Meanwhiel, the helpline in question has continued the fight over Twitter with @Childline1098 recruiting volunteers over social media to carry forth this flame ignited amongst Indians.

Said Darshan Khatri, an fan of Khan’s show in Dubai: “Aamir has already succeeded in the setting up of fast track courts in Rajasthan to solve impending cases of female foeticide. Now he is taking of child abuse.

“If this one man can be a voice for all Indians, I think all of us can support him by pushing forth his efforts.”