Preity Zinta ignores Kareena's taunts

Preity Zinta may have turned a businesswoman with the IPL, but her passion for films still remains strong. And she is the same fiery person, who does what she believes in and says what she believes is right.

So even as hullabaloo over the much-hyped Heroine has reached its zenith, this businesswoman-actress couldn’t care less.

Here’s what she said when asked about an alleged reference to her in the movie.  “It is just a dialogue in the film. Now if I say anything you guys will print it the next day. But every person has the privilege to do what s/he wants. But if you are saying that the lines were directed to me, then let me say it right now -- ‘I really don’t care.” [There is a dialogue on IPL owners in Heroine]

Sweet, straight and honest – some people just don’t change, gladly Preity is one such actress.

And now the actress is all set to turn producer with her next release, ‘Ishakq in Paris’.

Describing her new role as a ‘great learning experience’, Preity talks about her entrepreneurial journey with the same zest as she talks about all things close to her interest.  

“Not many know that I always wanted to be a businesswoman. As an actor too, I always told my friends that I am interested in the business of filmmaking, and not just films. They would turn back and laugh at me, but look at me now! With the IPL team, I have enjoyed the game as well as being the owner. And Prem, my co- producer and I have started with production.  I remember the days when we would brain storm till wee hours. Prem would finally understand my point of view as he felt I belong to the industry and could add to the common vision.”

On the film’s big feature, the song  ‘Kudiye Di Kurti’ featuring good friend Salman Khan and Preity, she says, “I asked Salman to make an appearance in my film and he readily agreed. It was really nice of him to do that, given his packed schedule. But his is not just a guest appearance for a song, Salman plays an important catalyst in the film.”

Unlike her peers, Preity doesn’t deny the fact that Salman’s inclusion into the film is also for better marketing of the film. “I specifically wanted Salman for marketing purposes. He is a name to reckon with and being my debut film as a producer, his presence would make things better for me.”

Preity is not new to controversies, but with all these years she has learnt to take most of the news in her stride, and not react. On the new role of paparazzi news making, she says, “I am not against the media, but I do not like misleading stories. Like recently when my team was returning from Paris after a shoot, we were besieged by a group of photographers. I had sprained my leg and had difficulty moving and was surprised by the sudden pouncing. My crew members too were equally shocked. I heard a few of them even mutter: ‘We will look like villains with such weird pictures.’ I couldn’t do much but nod and move out of the place ASAP.”


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