TomKat split goes viral: funny, mean, sad tweets

The Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes split has sent the Twitterverse in to a tailspin with celebs and fans venting their views under the #tomkat hashtag.

Here’s a selection of a few.

“Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finally decided that pretending to be in love was ‘Mission: Impossible’,” @DepressedDarth.

“She must have watched Rock of Ages,” @chipnicodemus.

"Tom Cruise's latest marriage just jumped the couch, "@ScottChernoff.

"I feel suri for Suri," @PJAYEVANS.

“You mean she’s made it past the perimeter fence? I imagine Tom is consoling himself with a glass of champagne and a full Thetan audit #tomkat,” Mirror quoting comic Sue Perkins as tweeting.

“#TomKat is no more?! I thought sofa jumping meant it was for life,” Fashion editor Lisa Haynes.

“Trying to watch the famous Oprah video again. Can’t look... Just tears. #TomKat,” @maxduvalier.

“The whole Oprah couch-jumping thing feels so fake to me now. #tomkat,” Kara Baskin tweeted.

"Dear Katie Holmes, Welcome back. We missed you." @katethewasp


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