Fake accent syndrome: Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka, Madhuri now Mallika

We all know English is a very funny language but Bollywood actors speaking in fake American or British accent takes this funny side to a ridiculous level.

Indian actors suffer from a strange disease called The Fake Accent Syndrome which might put the Yanks at shame!

Why does the Indian film industry have to subscribe to fake accents so often? Most of these stars sound perfectly global in their well-polished Indian accents and just as horrendous in their broken fake ones.

Mallika Sherawat's recent interview, which many heard as - 'innerview' - with 'Variety' had the actress drawling out a thick American accent.

Does Mallika not feel comfortable in her own shoes and hence needs to be somebody else altogether? And, therefore, the accent?

Mallika is not the only one - Priyanka Chopra too is a prominent member in this list of accent offenders. Her sudden Yankee twang was caught the media by surprise at the 2009 Toronto film festival.

We believe Priyanka Chopra speaks absolutely fluent English with good Indian accent. Why on earth did she put on that pseudo British accent? 

Now Priyanka Chopra is not the first Miss World to do so, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has done it and continues to do so, every time she steps her foot out of this country.

Remember the time; she appeared on Opera Winfrey’s show. How could anyone forget that episode? Such act puts all Indians to shame.

Madhuri Dixit’s famous fake accent post her American stint made her the butt of all jokes.
It is time for Bollywood to learn and embrace its own unique identity. Or they can continue to struggle and make themselves “understandable” globally.

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