Imran’s hit: Kapoors versus last Khan standing

Bollywood’s chocolate hero talks love, life and Hollywood

A totally different Imran was revealed in ‘Delhi Belly’. He surprised the audience and won accolades for the bold film. 

Talking about having competitors like the Khans in the industry, Imran states, “Time and things have changed now. For me there are no Khans, probably I’ll have to compete with the Kapoors.” 

Is he hinting at Ranbir Kapoor, whose ex-flame he will be romancing with in ‘MBKD’? 

The actor is eagerly awaiting the release of ‘MBKD’ as it releases on September 9. Having received success for ‘Delhi Belly’ at the box office, Imran hopes a similar fate for ‘MBKD’.

“I feel that we as actors have to prove ourselves with every film of ours which releases every Friday. We are put to test with every forth coming film of ours.”

Known as a chocolate boy in the industry, Imran likes to play the romantic man on screen. He says, “I love to do good films but if I were to pick a particular genre then it would be romantic comedy, only if it has a good script over other genres.” 

So we ask, how romantic are you off screen? “I have been in a relationship with Avantika for the past nine years… Now whatever experience I have gathered, I like to give it away to my friends.” 

We hope Ranbir Kapoor is making some good use of this knowledge.

And as he is making his space on the Bollywood map, the actor feels that the Hollywood-style of making movies should not be incorporated in the industry.

He says, “Our movies are known for our culture, so why pretend to make them in the Hollywood style? We are not supposed to make their kind of movies. Acknowledge what our country is and what knowledge we get from it.” But still many filmmakers are treading on the path to west, following their trends. “Hollywood movies in India work only for a certain section of the society. Indians are loud, we like to dance, sing and do drama. We have to keep these things in mind and understand the emotions of our people. All I feel is that Bollywood should remain as it is,” says Imran.

This actor has been in Bollywood for some time now and he shares his definition of the industry.

He says, “Bollywood will always remain something different from others, there is always something to look up to. Commercial films will never die in the industry. Lots of people think that dance, songs and lip-sing are crap. Many filmmakers have started making movies for a different audience, which they term as an international standard films. But such movies make no sense to me.”

Mamu Aamir Khan has been a mentor for Imran in the industry. Coming from a filmy family Imran says, “Every actor or filmmaker who comes from a filmy background is because of the traditional movies. The clothes that we wear, the food that we eat all comes from this industry. We are paid for the songs, dance and you cannot stop that. The kinds of movies from where we come from are the part of our life.”

Imran’s great grandfather, the late Nasir Hussain too was a legend of Bollywood. “My grandfather has made movies in a traditional way. He was known for his musical touch in filmmaking. Today we live in a bungalow or have cars just because of these things. I think people should be proud of who we are and where we come from,” says Imran.

Next on Imran’s plate is Yash Raj Films' ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ wherein he plays the romantic lead opposite Katrina Kaif. A song from the movie has incorporated the signature dancing styles of the three Khans of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. 

Praising the Khans, Imran says, “Salman Khan has his own style. His electrifying style not only sets the silver screen ablaze but is also very popular. His charisma attracts the audience. Shah Rukh Khan is full of energy and has his own dignified steps, which again are liked by all. Aamir mamu is charming enough so his thudding steps create a thunder in the hearts of the onlookers.”

So we ask Imran, who is the best amongst the all? Coming up a diplomatic answer he says, “I am no one to evaluate in competitive terms as to who is the best. All I can say is that the song is a tribute to all of them from our side. Their mesmerising persona has made them what they are today. Each one is very different but is still appealing.” 

Initially the title ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ failed to attract Imran’s attention and so did the narration by director Ali Abbas Zafar?

Imran says, “Adi (Aditya Chopra) had updated me that a young talented director, Ali will be directing this film so please come and meet him. Ali started narrating the story, I was listening to him but in my heart I had already decided not to do this flick. At that point I felt that this movie will not do well.” 

So finally what was it that made Imran Khan change his heart’s decision?  “One day my mom read the script and told me that I must do this movie because the film is a great comedy. And now after doing the film I have realised the heroic character which I have played is a meticulously simple character which everyone can identify with,” says the actor. 

Imran Khan has very high regards for filmmaker Aditya Chopra.

“I had heard about Adi, that he is very snobbish and strict, he does not talk much but I found him to be very dedicated, devoted and determined to make meaningful cinema. He does not look beyond cinema. He gets involved to such an extent that he unhesitatingly lends his ears to any positive or negative point about the film we work for. He listens to us patiently and if there is a relevant point, he brings about the necessary changes for the betterment of the film. Adi unhesitatingly incorporates it,” says Imran.


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