Kamal Haasan starts Hollywood film with Barry Osborne

Hassan has begun writing the film

Kamal Haasan has started working on his Hollywood project. Haasan is making a film for producer Barry Osborne which will commence once the entire work on ‘Viswaroopam’ is complete. Sources informed that Haasan has already started writing the film at a breakneck speed and has already appointed other writers too to develop tracks and other pointers.

The shooting of the film is slated to begin soon after the release of his magnum opus ‘Viswaroopam’ that releases in a few months from now.

‘Viswaroopam’, which is about world peace, is a film that looks at the reasons behind terror and how it spreads across the world. Haasan has hired the services of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy for ‘Viswaroopam’ and has Rahul Bose playing the villain.

All concerned parties in this film are hoping that they will get a better deal with the Hollywood film, if they are hired.

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