'Wanted' Poonam Pandey's unwanted male attention

Security beefed up on Poonam Pandey's set following the unexpected entry of nine unidentified men in Mahabhaleshwar on the sets of the Amit Saxdena directed venture 'Nasha'.

The security of the entire location has been beefed up.

Nine men struck jackpot when they managed to sneak in to the studio where actor Poonam Pandey was shooting bold scenes for her debut film.

The men feasted on the delightful imagery on display and as everyone on the set was engrossed in the intense scene, no one realised that the men did not belong on the set.

It was only when Poonam noticed the glee on the faces of the men that did she realise that something was amiss. She alerted her bodyguards who immediately threw the intruders off the sets and escorted them out of the studio.

That was was not the end of that. The actor’s manager Vipin Medhekar gave an earful to the production manager at Mahableshwar for this security lapse. In fact, the security has been beefed up to avoid such incidents in the future.

Security has been beefed up and the security guards are now screening every person who approaches the actor on the set. Now that was a close call.

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