Is Duchess Kate finally pregnant?

Ever since Kate Middleton got engaged to Prince William and subsequently married him in a fairy tale wedding in April 2011, royal watchers have been waiting with baited breath for Kate Middleton to announce her pregnancy. 

There have been many false alarms so far and after the recent wedding that the royal couple attended over the weekend, there is some more speculation in the air.

According to some reports in the media, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen spending most of her time trying to hide behind her husband Prince William during the weekend wedding.

Even though there wasn't any slight hint of a baby bump, rumours are rife that she is preggie because her face was allegedly 'slightly puffy' and she was also spotted wearing a new dress when as a thrifty royal she mostly favours recycled ones.

Pregnant or not, the weekend was certainly trying for the young couple as reportedly the couple's four exes also attended the same wedding. Now, Kate could have been trying to hide from the prying eyes of the media which was keeping a close track of who all she interacted with during the wedding. Her new dress could have been an attempt to boost her confidence given that she would have to come face-to-face with not only her exes but also her husband's exes.

Watch this space as Emirates 24|7 keeps a close eye on the royal developments.

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