Is Saif Ali Khan making fun of media?

The actor is keeping reporters busy naming new wedding venues everyday

Speculations about the impending marriage of Bollywood couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor has been doing the rounds for a while.

Saif’s mother, veteran actress Sharmila Tagore, had even been quoted as saying that the marriage will take place on October 16.

But Kareena has developed cold feet about the October wedding and postponed it for the time being.

For years now they have been dilly dallying on the marriage issue with the press.

So far, the drama has had a few amusing twists and turns.

But now Saif just seems to be in the mood to joke almost about everything - including marriage and career. Or is the nawab taking media for a ride?

He bluffed about Hollywood star Natalie Portman being his leading lady in his next rom-com.

This prank turned the table on him instead and when Portman got the news she was not amused and threatened to sue him.

Saif apologised and revealed that the 'news' was nothing but a joke he chose to crack after being surrounded by several rumours and assumptions about his personal life.

Of late he has been talking to different media houses in India and to each he has been giving different names of cities as his wedding destination.

He has been quoted saying the wedding is taking place in Maldives in December.

We aren’t quite sure if Saif is indeed telling the truth.

Soon the destination changed so also the wedding month. This time around it's in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on the beaches of Copacabana!

That's the latest name the nawab is flinging at the media and he insists he is not joking and asking it to be printed.

Well, this 'joke' is really not funny and media cannot take him seriously unless Saif learns to take media seriously.

Saif Ali Khan is intentionally misleading the media, the same media the celebrities thrive on.

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