Is Shah Rukh punishing Karan Johar for inviting Salman Khan?

SRK is giving the director a cold shoulder to appear on 'Koffee With Karan'

After years of hide and seek, Bollywood actor Salman Khan was finally pinned down by director Karan Johar to appear on his chat show 'Koffee With Karan'.

The opening episode with Salman was a big hit and the two shared good camaraderie.

But this first episode may have cost Karan more than he bargained for.

Things have been awkward between Karan Johar and his one-time best friend actor Shah Rukh Khan. And after inviting Salman on his show, the rift between SRK-Karan have just widened.

It is common knowledge how Salman and Shah Rukh don't meet eye to eye; probably their animosity has entered Bollywood's book of 'rival folklore'.

FILE) Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar (L) with actor Shah Rukh Khan (R) at a press conference during the promotion of their film 'My Name Is Khan'. (REUTERS)

So now Shah Rukh Khan, who used to be a regular feature in Karan Johar's couch, is giving Karan Johar a royal ignore.

After repeated invitation SRK is not budging and showing work commitments and packed schedule as an excuse to not making it to the show.

Karan has reached out to the star but looks like SRK is taking his sweet time to give the nod.

There was a time when Karan Johar and SRK were nothing less than a Siamese twins.  Karan would make films only with SRK, and mention him at least once in all interviews. They almost lived in each other's pockets.

All that is now a thing of the past and their equations have changed.

After 'My Name is Khan' when Karan decided to make 'Student of the Year' Shah Rukh was not part of the project. That’s when the cracks appeared.

It was the first time Karan was directing a non-SRK film.

And then, Priyanka Chopra became the bone of contention between the two. While Karan objected SRK's closeness to the actress, SRK brushed him aside.

Karan is now working with different actors and making new collaborations.

Ranbir Kapoor is apparently now Karan's blue eyed boy, who is someone SRK isn’t too fond of.

And inviting Salman in 'Koffee With Karan' might be the last thing SRK wanted from his friend. This was a big signal to the world that KJo has moved on from being a SRK loyalist.

At a recent awards show, Salman and Karan bonded well, pulling each other’s legs as if they’ve been close pals for years.

So we wonder with this newfound friendship between Salman and Karan has SRK’s friendship with Karan suffered a major blow?
We’ll have to wait and see whether SRK eventually gives in and shoots for an episode, but for now it looks like Shah Rukh in no mood to!

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