Two caught trying to smuggle gold in rectum, shoes

Two Indian nationals, attempting to smuggle out gold pieces worth Rs8.5 million (Dh238,000), were nabbed by the customs officers at the Bandaranaike International Airport, while attempting to leave the country, “Ada Derana” reported.

The two suspects had arrived in the country from Chennai and purchased gold at the airport where they had proceeded to conceal the contraband in their rectal cavities and shoes for smuggling gold out, customs spokesman Leslie Gamini said.

Gamini said 6 pieces of gold were concealed in one of the suspects rectum and 3 under the sole of his shoes while the other had concealed 6 pieces in the rectum and 2 under his feet.

The Rs8.5-million gold seized from the suspects weighed 1 kg and 700 grams. When they were apprehended by the officials they were getting onboard a flight to Singapore around 1am.

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