Mobile - Law and Order Law and Order <![CDATA[Man whose relatives died mysteriously must give gun info]]> A Vermont man whose mother and grandfather died in mysterious circumstances must turn over information related to a missing gun, as well as phone and other records, in a Rhode Island lawsuit over insurance on his sunken boat.

Nathan Carman must turn over the information about a Sig Sauer .308-caliber semi-automatic rifle he owned, U.S. Magistrate Judge Patricia Sullivan said Friday. That weapon is now missing, according to documents filed in a different lawsuit in New Hampshire. The documents say the same caliber weapon was used to kill Carman’s millionaire grandfather in Connecticut in 2013.

But Sullivan rejected a request by the boat’s insurer to get information about other guns Carman may have owned, saying it was “sheer speculation” for them to ask for records about every firearm Carman might have ever owned or possessed.

Carman and his mother, Linda, embarked on a fishing trip out of Rhode Island on Sept. 17, 2016. The boat sank and she is presumed dead. He was rescued a week later after being found floating on a life raft in the Atlantic Ocean.

The judge said Carman must turn over phone records from Sept. 1 through Sept. 25, 2016, the day he was rescued.

Carman and the insurer for his boat, the Chicken Pox, are fighting over his insurance claim.

Carman has acknowledged patching some holes on the 31-foot-long boat with marine putty before going fishing with his mother but insisted the boat was seaworthy. In a filing on Thursday, the insurer’s lawyers alleged that Carman must have enlarged the holes in his boat’s hull.

“No wonder the boat sank and Carman’s mother died,” the filing said.

Carman’s lawyer said he would not address “unsupported allegations” or engage in “litigation in the press” when asked about the assertions about the holes after Friday’s hearing.

The New Hampshire lawsuit was brought by Linda Carman’s three sisters, who accuse her son of killing his grandfather, real estate developer John Chakalos, and possibly his mother. Police have previously described Carman as a person of interest in Chakalos’ slaying.

Nathan Carman has denied allegations that he killed Chakalos, and said he doesn’t know the whereabouts of his mother.

Chakalos left more than $29 million to his four daughters, and $7 million of that money could go to Nathan Carman. The sisters have asked the New Hampshire judge to block him from collecting any money.

Sat, 9 Dec 2017 11:04:18 +0400 AP
<![CDATA[3 women charged in hot van death of woman in their care]]> Three women have been charged with murder in the death of a resident at a center for people with developmental disabilities in Southeast Texas whose body was found in a hot van in July.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office says the three women were indicted Nov. 28 in Amy Parrish’s death. They were arrested this week.

Authorities say workers at the Brenham State Supported Living Center hunted for the 48-year-old Parrish for hours before discovering her body in the van, parked outside the center. First Assistant District Attorney Adam Muery (MUR’-ee) said Thursday that prosecutors don’t believe the workers intended to cause her death.

Two later resigned. The third is on leave.

If convicted, all could face life in prison.

Brenham is 75 miles (120 kilometers) northwest of Houston.

Sat, 9 Dec 2017 10:54:55 +0400 AP
<![CDATA[Teen says mom refused to help sister before she starved]]> An Iowa teenager testified that his mother forced him and his two sisters to sleep on their bedroom floor in their own waste for months and that she refused to feed one sister in the days before she starved to death.

The teen told the Polk County jury on Wednesday that his sister Natalie had become too weak to get up to eat, but their mother told Natalie she wouldn’t help her, the Des Moines Register reported .

“She said, ‘Since you’re not going to get up, I’m not going to feed you,'” he testified.

Nicole Finn, 43, was charged with murder, kidnapping and child endangerment after Natalie died in October 2016 at the age of 16. She’s also accused of abusing her 16-year-old son and a younger daughter, who investigators say were severely malnourished and living in squalor in the family’s West Des Moines home.

The son said Nicole Finn forced them to ask permission to eat, bathe or leave their room, but that she was often “not available” or “not willing” when they did ask. He said he and his sisters would sneak out of their bedroom window to beg for money to buy food, and that he once went two weeks without eating.

The teen also recounted Natalie’s last night alive. He told jurors that he and his younger sister had been feeding Natalie water with a syringe in their room and that their mother told them to take a nap. They woke up around 8 or 9 p.m. and found Natalie had vomited and appeared to have no heartbeat, he said.

The younger daughter testified Thursday that her mother refused to let her and her siblings use the bathroom, so she had to resort to urinating on the bedroom floor. She said her mother knew how hungry she was because she fainted, and that she put a handwritten note in the bedroom window before her sister died that read: “Need food and money.”

She and her brother testified that their mother gave CPR to Natalie before paramedics arrived at the house.

Nicole Finn’s ex-husband, Joe Finn, is charged with kidnapping, neglect or abandonment and child endangerment. He wasn’t living with the rest of the family when Natalie died. He has pleaded not guilty and his trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 8.

Sat, 9 Dec 2017 10:52:24 +0400 AP
<![CDATA[Murder conviction for man who set woman on fire]]> A federal jury in Montana has found a man guilty of strangling a woman, pouring gasoline on her and setting her on fire. She died more than two months later.

Jurors on Thursday convicted 20-year-old Dimarzio Swade Sanchez of first-degree murder in the June 2016 death of 28-year-old Roylynn Rides Horse.

Sanchez faces a mandatory life sentence at his March 29 sentencing.

Co-defendant Angelica Whiteman pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting first-degree murder for beating and strangling Rides Horse on the Crow Indian Reservation.

Prosecutors say the group was drinking and driving around when Whiteman and Rides Horse got into a fight that continued after Sanchez parked the car.

A passerby found Rides Horse 14 hours after the attack.

She was suffering from third-degree burns and frostbite.

Sat, 9 Dec 2017 10:49:28 +0400 AP

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