Death for man who tortured kid to death?

Dubai Prosecution asked Dubai Court to award an Emirati and his compatriot mistress the death sentence for causing the death of one of the man’s daughters and torturing and confining the other.

Attorney-General Issam Al Humaidan said the accused Hamad Saud Al Shirawi, 29, and his beloved Al Onood Mohammed Al Amiri, 27, are accused of confining Hamad's two daughters - Wadeema and Mira - in the bathroom and a wardrobe and leaving them locked for hours without water and food.

They are also accused of torturing, beating and threatening the two girls for six months causing the death of 8-year-old Wadeema and a 10 per cent permanent disability of the younger daughter Mira, 7.

The two girls were subject to electric shocks, burns by boiled water, an iron and cigarettes.

They two are accused of hiding the body of Wadeema by burying her in the desert without permission and having consensual sex.

Al Humaidan said  on Monday  the Prosecution referred the case to the court after finishing investigation and defining allegations against them.

“After hearing the witnesses, we are sure that Hamad and his beloved were very cruel towards the girls.

They burnt and tortured them. They confined them and did not allow them to live normally. They were there in the house just to serve them,” he said.

Dubai Prosecution asked the court to award the two accused the execution sentence based on Article No 344 of the Federal Penal Code.

Advocate General Khalifa bin Dimas said “Hamad is a drug addict since he took Tramadol tablets. However, we cannot confirm nor deny whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he committed the crime a few months prior to it being revealed. The prosecution asks for implementing the stiffest penalty. Nobody can get away with his crime or get a reduced penalty by the claim of consuming drugs or alcohol,” he stressed.

“The father claimed to his investigators that he sought to discipline his daughters and not to kill them. However, his claim is illogical because he continued torturing the younger one after the death of his elder daughter. If  he had repented the death of the first daughter, he would not have continued torturing the other one for months after the death of the first one,” said bin Dimas.

Al Onood admitted to the investigators that Hamad used to torture his daughters but denied joining him in torturing them. She claimed that she was sacred of informing others about him hurting his daughters, said bin Dimas.

The two accused did not show any symptoms of psychological or nervous disorders and they did not claim having any such illnesses.

He said that forensic examination could not report the cause of the girl’s death because her body was decomposed when it was recovered.

Mira testified how they had been tortured, the tools that were used and how her sister died.

The crime was discovered early this month when police arrested the father for a crime he committed.

The uncle of the two girls called the house and his brother’s beloved answered the phone. The accused used to tell his family that the woman staying with him is his wife. The uncle picked up Mira from the studio flat and the Wadeema’s disappearance was discovered.

Mira, who had burns on her body, was rushed to a hospital. Mira told how her father wrapped Wadeema in his robe after he and Al Onood poured boiled water on her body in the bathroom and kicked her severely as she fell unconscious. After a couple of hours they entered the bathroom and she was dead. They wrapped her in his robe and took her body out of the house, Mira told prosecutors.

Answering whether the mother was aware of her daughters’  being tortured by their father, bin Dimas said that the prosecution was not sure of that.

When the two girls were in the mother’s custody, they used to be in school. They stopped going to school since their grandmother got a court ruling giving her custody of the children last November. The grandmother gave her son a power of attorney to have his two daughters live with him in his studio flat.


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