Did your iPad just crash? Give it a whack to bring it back!

Did your little one drop your iPad on the floor? Did the screen turn all red and orange? If yes, then instead of smacking your kid just give a good dose of beating to the iPad and there are strong chances that it may work again.

“My children have dropped my iPad three times and we just hit it hard on the back and try to twist and turn it. Believe me, it works. We’ve managed to salvage it,” said a mother of two kids living in New Dubai.

There are many discussions on online forums about how to fix a supposedly broken iPad – and one of them is just giving it a good beating. Apple's own discussion forums are full of such examples.

“I was so scared of spanking it... but eventually it worked for me too! I locked the screen and spanked it firmly with my hand everywhere in the back against my lap, occasionally flipping it over until it finally went back to normal. I am so amazed at the solution. Seriously, our iPad2 is as good as new again,” wrote an iPad owner.

“This remedy worked for my iPad 1! I cried when the pink/green fuzziness showed up. Although I didn't find the cure for it until after I accidentally fixed it by getting frustrated with it and started tapping on the screen. This remedy is ridiculous for something that is supposed to be super advanced. Oh well. Glad it worked. Will not be dropping my iPad again anytime soon,” wrote another iPad owner.

Another trick that has worked for many is by pressing the power switch and front activate switch button together.

Bloggers on http://www.ipadforums.net have tried this trick and it has helped them revive their device.

“…it was powered up and running fine when it slipped out of the leather holster and dropped directly onto the floor from table height directly onto one edge. The screen was black and if the power on button was pressed the backlight came on, nothing else... so something was working. I chose to leave it 10 minutes... The normal wakeup face activate switch did nothing. I did the usual reset - power switch and front activate switch pressed together. I waited and up came the usual logo but this time with red sparkles zapping all around it... and minutes later it was fine and my iPad is working well. Is this part of the 'recovery' from shock boot?” wrote a blogger on the website.

iPad is a robust device and some owners have even claimed hitting it with a hammer to fix it. However, this may seem an extreme step with all the risk of losing your iPad altogether.


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