Eid gift for Discovery, Gardens residents: traffic lights go ‘live’

Residents say they have waited 5 years for lights to come on

It’s bad news for speed merchants zooming on Discovery Gardens and Gardens community roads.

For more modest motorists, who for the last five years have been waiting patiently, it is good news.

Traffic signals went live on these roads this month, not only stopping cars from speeding, but easing traffic congestion during peak hours.

Residents say long queues have eased since two traffic signals each way have come on.

The true picture will only emerge post-Eid, when residents are back from holidays and schools reopen.

Rozario Michiev, from Ukraine, says: “I have been living in Discovery Gardens for the past three years.

“The traffic was terrible in the morning and evening, but since last one month the flow has been smooth.”

He believes traffic signals have helped control the flow of traffic.

“Earlier, it was an open stretch so all got struck at the only traffic signal near the mosque.

“We could see people just cutting lanes to get on to the Sheikh Zayed Road. But now, it is easy as even the exit to SZR has two lanes.”

Sula Abbas, from Pakistani, however, adds there isn’t traffic these days probably because schools are closed and people are on vacation.

“Earlier, it used to be a beeline, but the roads are quite clear now in the morning and evening peak hours.

“We will have to wait for the school to starts and people to return from their vacation. Post that we will actually know how bad is the traffic.”

Despite the traffic signals, Discovery Gardens doesn’t have speed radars and people still do drive at high speeds.

“Once you cross the fourth signal and head towards the end of Discovery Gardens, you can see that people drive crazily.

“It’s mostly boys zipping across and cutting lanes,” says Mary D’Souza, an Indian, who has been living in Discovery Gardens for the past four years.

She suggests that there is a need for speed cameras so people follow the set speed limit in Discovery Gardens.


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