Engineer molests secretary in boss' office

An Iranian engineer allegedly molested a co-worker in the office of the contracting company where they worked, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to the records, HRA, 27, is also accused by assaulting the victim RKZ, 21, and abusing her via e-mail.

The accused was a friend of the victim’s family and used to visit her house occasionally, the victim testified. “I do not have any other relation with the accused. I was in the office finishing a report during lunch break. I needed some information available where the accused sits.  He told me that I can get the information I needed from a map on one of the tables.

“While I was looking for the information from the map, the accused moved towards the door and locked it from inside. I got scared and asked him why he did that. He did not reply and came towards me. I pushed him away, so he slapped me, forcibly held me and groped me with both hands and pressed his body against me for about two minutes. Then he opened the door, saying ‘Nothing has happened’. I went out and informed the police,” she testified.

She told the police that she did not scream or resist him as she was scared of him and was worried about her reputation.

She also testified that three weeks before the incident, he had sent her e-mails asking her to have sex with him. She alleged that when she refused, he told her that he would rape her. She replied “you are mad”.

RA, wife of the accused, testified that there were no problems between her husband and the victim. He used to chat with her on Facebook. She testified that he made her read a conversation between him and the victim in which he said he would rape her and the victim’s reply that “you are mad.” Then she learnt about the complaint that the victim had lodged against her husband of molesting her on July 7 in the company’s office.

In the case records, the prosecution included a legal translation of the conversation between the two in which the accused sought sex from the victim and threatened to rape her. Her replies proved that she had refused him. The accused admitted to the conversation between him and the victim and that he met her often in the company’s office.

The court adjourned the case to December 28.

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