How UAE drivers can reduce their black points

The Ministry of the Interior has launched a new programme for drivers to reduce their black points.

The rehabilitation and training programme will be launched across the UAE. There are three types of programmes. The General Programme was designed for minor offenses, such as using mobile phones while driving, or failing to use the seat belt. The Special Programme was designed for major violations, such as jumping the red light signal and driving recklessly; while the Heavy Programme was designed for truck drivers.

Lt. Colonel Suleiman Al Dir’e, Director of Police Follow-up Department emphasised the importance of the programme to enhance traffic safety and reduce violations. He pointed out that applying the Traffic Black Points Reduction Programme at the state level will reduce the rate of traffic violations and their resulting human and material losses. He noted the importance of achieving traffic safety on roads, as per the higher leadership’s directives, as well as improving traffic behaviour, according to the Ministry of Interior’s strategy for traffic safety throughout the country.

Al Dir’e said: “The programme aims to reduce traffic black points before reaching the cumulative limit of 24 points. It is only allowed once a year and only 8 black points are reduced for each course. The programme includes drivers whose temporary driving licenses have been withdrawn with a cumulative limit of 24 points in a first precedence; and drivers with permanent driving licences who have attained their third traffic precedence. It also includes the heavy truck driver involved in a flip-over accident; that run the red light signal or overtake where overtaking is not allowed.”

He said the programme is an opportunity to promote traffic safety levels for violators, and reduce recurrence of traffic violations. Participants who join the program receive lectures on traffic culture respect, safe driving behaviours and defensive driving. They also receive practical lessons on means of implementing traffic rules, keeping a safe distance between vehicles and controlling the vehicle.

Partners to participate in this programme include the Emirates Driving Company in Abu Dhabi; the Qiyada Driving Company of Ajman and Umm Al Quwain; the Ras Al Khaimah Academy in Ras Al Khaimah; the Sharjah Driving Institute in Sharjah; and the Fujairah National Driving Institute.

Traffic violators can post their inquiries and register in the programme by visiting the Traffic and Patrols Directorates all over the state, and accredited Traffic Institutes. They can also log in to the website by clicking the following link: or by calling the number 600566006.

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