Most promising construction jobs and salaries in the UAE

Some experts believe demand will come from certain well-known and specific projects like Louvre museum

The UAE construction industry was hard hit as projects were delayed or cancelled after 2009, but the sector is picking up and some specific jobs look quite promising this year, according to experts.

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James Sayer, Associate Director, Robert Half UAE is quite upbeat about job creation in the sector.

“Rapid economic development throughout the UAE has been a major factor driving construction activities and infrastructure development.

“The country has witnessed massive growth in investment within the construction industry in recent years and will likely continue throughout 2012 and beyond,” he told Emirates 24|7.

Speaking on specific jobs that will be most in demand, he added: “In addition to the engineering and technical specialists within the field, accounting professionals, particularly cost accountants and tax specialists will be in demand as well as contract lawyers who can help manage complex transactions.”

Konstantina Sakellariou, Partner, Marketing & Operations Director at Stanton Chase foresees the growth pattern and the kind of jobs in demand to remain the same as was in the past.

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“Mostly project management engineers [will be in demand] but in general, nothing very different from what was needed in the past.”

Some experts believe demand will mainly come from well-known and specific projects and not across the sector.

“[Demand in] construction [will be from] specific projects [which] have restarted due to small but a real demand in Dubai and of course the well-publicised projects in Abu Dhabi ( Louvre and Guggenheim museum's) etc,” he told this website.

According to Research and Markets latest report, the UAE construction industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 7 per cent during 2010-2013.

“Despite the global economic slowdown, the UAE will continue to develop several projects in tourism, housing, industrial & commercial facilities, education and healthcare amenities, transportation, communications, utilities, and ports & airports,” it said. 


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