No date yet for including labour card in ID

Possibility by 2013-end if population register project is complete: Eida

The date for unification of labour card and Emirates ID card is not yet finalised, according to the UAE labour minister. 

The incorporation of the UAE labour card into Emirates ID card is still an idea and has not yet reached the stage of application. It requires great coordination with other institutions, especially the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) and the Ministry of Interior, said Saqr Ghobash, UAE Minister of Labour. 

He was clarifying media reports quoting Eida officials as saying the two cards could be merged before the end of next year. 

Saqr Ghubash said more than a million workers have obtained the ID card in Dubai. 

He said that the earlier June 2013 deadline was for the population to register. 

Meanwhile, Dr Mohammed Al Khouri, Director-General, Eida, told Emirates24|7, the authority is co-ordinating with the Labour Ministry and is looking into implementing a unified ID card. He said it is awaiting a decision by the Labour Ministry to carry out such a step.

He added that it may become a possibility by 2013 if the population register project is complete. 

Dr Khouri also added that not only will labour card be unified, but other cardss such as health cards and insurance cards will also be merged with ID cards. 

He said the authority has almost completed the population registration project. 


Labour Card to be replaced by Emirates ID

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