Saudi woman's Bentley seized for 60 days

Well-known Saudi businesswoman Maha Makki had apparently not been aware of the scores of traffic cameras dotting Dubai’s roads when she was stopped by the police for speeding and jumping many red lights.

Makki, who holds an international driving licence, says it was her first traffic offence and justifies it for what she terms as important business meeting.

“I drive my car in many Arab and European countries and this is the first time I was involved in an offence…I did not notice I was violating the traffic law…perhaps I was speeding a little bit,” she said.

Quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz, Makki said she had been asked by Dubai’s traffic police to pay heavy fines for speeding and jumping many red lights in the city, adding that her expensive Bentley car has also been impounded by the police for two months.

“I strongly believe in respecting traffic rules to protect human lives……this was my first traffic offence but I did not realise I jumped the red light,” she said.

Offences involving reckless driving or jumping the red lights in Dubai are punishable by a Dh2,000 fine and 12 black points. Most other offences include fines and black points as part of stringent traffic regulations enforced by Dubai and other UAE emirates to reverse a steady rise in road accidents.

Makki does not have a Saudi driving licence as women are not allowed to drive in the conservative Gulf Kingdom.

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