UAE writer offers advice to people in debt crisis

‘Embrace Financial Freedom’ is Theda Muller’s second e-book on the subject

‘Embrace Financial Freedom’ is a sequel to a debut e-book by Theda Muller, a UAE-based expatriate, on the subject of overcoming a personal debt crisis.

The second book concentrates on helping a person facing a debt crisis to equip himself/herself mentally and emotionally to enable him/her to take the initial steps to set himself/herself on the road to recovery.

The writer of the book herself went through a debt crisis and so the book has personal experience as its inspiration. The book offers friendly, not legal, advice to debt-burdened people.

The author says she wrote the second e-book to help indebted people release fear and resistance to take the first steps to solve their debt problem in a well-planned manner.

The book gives debt-burdened readers advice on how to rebuild self-confidence, how to face creditors, what to do and what not to do while meeting and trying to convince creditors, keeping records of final debt payments etc.

During the boom years, several expatriates helped themselves to a lot of easily available credit, with the result that they faced a mountain of debt when incomes shrank when the economic bubble burst in October 2008. Those who thought ‘it can never happen to us’ realised that it had indeed happened to them. The author of the book was one of them but she overcame the debt crisis after much hardship.

As the author says in the book, she attended the ‘University of Hard Knocks’.  The book proves that she has passed out of this university with good marks.


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