Women use mobile phones during intimate moments

Also: Naked woman runs down Emirates Road to flee would-be rapist

A latest survey among mothers in the US reveal that a majority of them use mobile phones during their intimate moments.

'Times of India' quoted a 'Daily Mail' report as saying "there is no part of their lives that is media free".

Mothers, especially those aged between 18 and 35 use mobile phones during their intimate moments to text messages, check Facebook or even take pictures.

The survey undertaken by Meredith Parents Network, Moms and Media 2 also reveal that 21 per cent moms use their pones while on toilet, too.

While 15 per cent Americans have interrupted sex to answer mobile calls, 81 per cent said they use it for online shopping.

Dentist breaks needle in child’s gum

A female dentist in Saudi Arabia broke a needle inside the gum of a five-year-old girl by accident and told her father not to worry as the needle fell off the broken syringe on the ground. But nearly a month later, the girl had to undergo a surgery to extract the needle from her neck.

The Saudi man said he believed the dentist at a private clinic when she told him the needle was not inside his daughter’s gum.

But a few days later, his daughter started to feel excruciating pain in the mouth, prompting him to take her to another private hospital in the western town of Madina. He said doctors there performed a surgery on his daughter’s mouth but failed to locate the needle.

“After 25 days, I then took her to a dental surgery clinic where they located the needle…they referred my daughter to the King Fahd hospital in Madina, where doctors operated on her again and removed the needle from her neck,” the unidentified father told Sabq Arabic language daily.

He said he would file a court suit against the female dentist and the private hospital which “caused complications to my daughter by their failing surgery.”

Naked woman runs down Emirates Road to flee would-be rapist

A sales coordinator ran naked from the desert to a public street fleeing her would-be rapist, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

As RK, 25, was running away from her alleged rapist, a truck driver stopped and gave her his clothes to cover herself. He then dropped her to friend's.

RK, reported the crime to the police, and said that the rapist was her co-worker, identified as KSS, 37, Emirati who occupied the post of a deputy manager.

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KSS had invited the victim to dinner in a restaurant near the Gardens.

“I took a taxi and went to the restaurant. We had dinner and some drinks and as we finished he offered to drop me back home. I rode in his Nissan Patrol and instead of driving to my home he drove to a sandy area. He pulled my mobile from my hand and tried to hug me… I pushed him away… later he went off the car and came to my side and tried again… I resisted him… but he slapped me several times and could take off my upper dress…. I fell down while resisting him and he could undress my lower part.

"I grabbed the opportunity and ran away towards the street. A passing truck stopped and the driver took off his clothes and gave them to me to put them on,” she testified.

Using the driver’s mobile, she called her friend who met her first and then they called the police.

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Her friend CK, 23, Russian, sales coordinator testified that she received five calls from an strange number at around 2.20am. “Initially, I got scared of these calls… then I decided to call back suspecting something wrong might have happened. I was shocked that the caller was my friend who told me what happened to her after a dinner she had with a colleague. The driver who found her, dropped her to my place. She was in a very bad condition… We immediately went to the police station,” she testified.

The driver, Irfan Chawdry, 36, Pakistani, testified that he saw the victim on the road while returning from Abu Dhabi to his company in the Fruits and the Vegetable market in Al Aweer.

"On Emirates Road, I saw a person who was waiving hands… As I passed the person, I realised she was a woman… completely naked and bleeding from her head… I stopped and she ran towards the truck crying… I gave her some sports dress that was in the truck and then she used the mobile and talked to someone. She asked me to drop her to Al Aweer Roundabout. A woman arrived after about half an hour by taxi… She went with the woman and I left the place until the next day morning I got a call from the police,” Irfan testified.

The waiter of the restaurant, DD, 34, Filipino, confirmed that the accused visited the restaurant on the same night of the alleged crime.

Rashid hospital reported that the victim sustained minor head injuries, scratches in her chest, neck and upper back, and nose. As well, she sustained wounds in her knees and fracture in one of her fingers. Forensic reported that the victim’s hair samples were found in the car of the accused.

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CCTV showed the woman riding the car of the accused on the night of the crime.

Police arrested KSS who is accused of kidnap, rape attempt and assault.

He denied the accusations and claimed that he did not meet the victim on the night of the alleged crime.

Her lawyer has asked for Dh20,000 compensation.

The court adjourned the case to May 23.

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