Now pedal your way to work in a golden Porche

If pedaled hard the car can reach a top speed of 10km/h

This serious 'green' stuff.
Luxury cars are generally gas guzzlers, but not this eco-friendly golden Porche, Ride Asia One reported.

All luxury cars fans need not worry as a car enthusiast Hannes Langeder has invented a golden Porsche GT3 RS - that runs on foot-power.

Langeder has merely used an old bicycle, some PVC pipes and duct tape to create an all new environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient car which is pocket-friendly as well.

This Porche is driven by pedal power instead of fossil fuels and can reach a top speed of 10km/h if pedaled hard.

What more could car fanatics ask for as it weighs less than 100kg and is fully-equipped with a rear spoiler and air intakes.

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